Welcome to Quandis

Quandis is a technology company that offers products and services built upon the Quandis Business Objects platform.

Featured Products

QLS: Loan Servicing

The Quandis Loan Servicing product provide for the management of defaulted loans, including collections, loan modifications, short sales, deeds in lieu, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and REO. Features include:

  • Pay only for the modules you use
  • Seamless integration with major servicing platforms, including MSP and MortgageServ
  • Incredibly flexible workflow platform: change your workflow on the fly
  • Easy to use document creation and document management
  • Rules-driven worklist assignments and escalation

QSS: Short Sale

The Quandis Short Sale (QSS) module solves the “please resubmit your paperwork” problem encountered so often in the short sale process.

  • Borrowers or the real estate agents may login into QSS and lanch a short sale process
  • Servicers receive a notification from QSS, and verify the loan is indeed with the servicer
  • Borrowers are then guided through a simple-to-use wizard to upload all the components required for a short sale
  • Servicers are guided through a marketing setup, including calculated ROI via their own NPV models
  • Offer management and negotiation are handled within QSS

QVS: Valuations

Manage your valuations process with the Quandis Valuation System (QVS). Designed for both dedicated valuations companies and in-house valuations departments, QVS offers:

  • an extensive broker network, with pre-scored brokers
  • automated solitication based on weighted criteria, including distance from property, work load and performance history
  • build-in standard forms, such as the Fannie and Freddie BPO form
  • flexibility to create custom forms
  • QBO’s Worklist modules to manage work queues and escalation

QMS: Military Search

The Quandis Military Search (QMS) product offers a cost effective, all-in-one verification of active duty military status of an individual with the US Department of Defense as defined by the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act of 2003 (SCRA). Out technology allows us to perform bulk searches via: HTTPS (Web Service, REST) and FTP File Exchange (MS Excel, Delimited Text). We deliver, in a PDF document, the time and date stamped official Military Status Report that is provided on the Department of Defense website for each individual search.

Key features include:

  • Name permutations automatically searched
  • SSN lookups available if you don’t have them
  • Combine search results into a single document per borrower or loan

QBS: Bankruptcy Search

The Quandis Bankruptcy Search (QBS) service is a real-time wrapper around Pacer. Do you have employees logging into Pacer, searching for a bankruptcy or getting docket updates, and copying data into your internal systems?  QBS is a time-saving solution for you.  Features include:

  • National or Regional search in real time (say, the morning of a foreclosure sale)
  • Receive the data as both XML, and a PDF of the Pacer “screen shot”
  • Both singleton and batch processing support
    • add a button to your internal system(s) to pull Pacer in real time
    • provide a spreadsheet of borrower to search for
    • provide a spreadsheet of bankruptcies to fetch the docket data for